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  • adv. With a tingling sensation.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

tingling +‎ -ly


  • Creativecook said ... absolutely taste tinglingly lovely!

    Dahi-Sev Poori with Homemade Pooris

  • The dots, cryogenically frozen with liquid nitrogen at 320 degrees below zero, are so tongue-tinglingly cold and flavor-packed that it's hard for most kids to resist.

    Dippin' Dots looks for next flash-frozen hit: Coffee dots

  • I wish Donald Maass had revealed his exercise for making a bad guy spine-tinglingly good in our interview with him.

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Humanizing Bad Guys

  • Richards's two guitar solos here are spine-tinglingly good, only bettered by Mick Taylor's dazzling efforts on other songs.

    The Rolling Stones Restored

  • Of course, an affordable MRI is not as spine-tinglingly glorious as an F-16 bombing another hapless wedding party in Afghanistan, but most of us would benefit far more from the former.

    Health care howlers: Sept. 12 vs. Sept. 10

  • I am however slightly mollified at present reading Sarah Waters, The Little Stranger – superbly written and a quite spine tinglingly chilling ghost story.

    Tell Me Something Wonderful

  • And because, all along, she's been kinda, sorta, maybe revealing herself as ... well, dangerously close to a certain kind of spine-tinglingly icky archetype that sets off alarm bells in even the most commitedly feminist heart.

    Sheila Weller: My Judith Giuliani Problem -- and Yours?

  • If you're talking about the comments of "Mrs. Lillian Forkliss", that is an alias for a crazy commenter who goes by the alias "Maxine Weiss" who has an unhealthy and spine-tinglingly creepy fixation on Althouse's sons.

    "I haven't liked a candidate enough to be actually disillusioned by one in . . . "

  • I didnt even look at Miss ffawthawte as I cleared the rest of the table swiftly and efficiently: yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and the final black, a tinglingly satisfying long pot that travelled smoothly down the baize into the bottom right pocket.

    Black Butterfly

  • Tongue-tinglingly spiced with the famous Aleppo pepper, that chunky tomato sauce transforms the kebabs into one of my favorite meals.

    The Power of Kebab


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