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  • n. Plural form of tingling.


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  •   Then she would have reached for him again, her courage restored by bittersweet tinglings of recollected love, and placed her long black feathers on his hand, the wrinkles and lines engraved in his knuckles looking more beautiful than ever.

    After the Badlands

  • In the months that followed, one by one, all the children came back to the institute with a spectrum of neurological complaints—headaches, tinglings, abstract speckles of light—then slumped into coma.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • I was working on the torso with the knife point and could feel the first real tinglings of response down my spine and through my legs and I didn't want to stop.


  • Madame Caron, who suffered from tinglings; of Lheureux, who had vertigo; of Lestiboudois, who had rheumatism; and of Madame

    Madame Bovary

  • I recently watched as a business school professor channeled the spirit of Henry Grady for a collection of visiting financiers, entrepreneurs, and vice presidents of marketing, important men who had braved rush hour traffic in hopes of having their warm tinglings about the "emerging markets of the global South" affirmed by a higher, or at least a tenured, authority.


  • These were tinglings, at most that washing-machine feeling in the pit of your stomach.

    A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away

  • Ruha pictured the ground beneath his feet turning to quicksand, but this time she experienced no strange tinglings in the pit other stomach.

    The Veiled Dragon

  • The first tinglings of speed, urgent and warm, began to stir her.

    Beowulf's Children

  • Just as the first tinglings of the field were building up, Spock said, “Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Scott.”


  • Except for peculiar pains and tinglings—she often spoke of her “foolish head” and when she let me feel her scalp, I could trace the ridges of hard scar-tissue—she moved to the end on a mainly steady course.



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