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  • n. Plural form of tinkering.


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  • Lily Allen, It's Not Me, It's YouBasically a frigid opposite of each alternative cocktail manuscript upon this list, It's Not Me ... isn't a end-product of a unconstrained tinkerings of a cocktail elite, nor is it particularly cocktail in any of a sentiments.

    The Best Albums Of 2009, In Bigger Than The Sound | Industry Fokery

  • These tinkerings for the sake of updating tend to introduce anachronisms and kitch of the worst kind. — triebensee

    Paris Journal: A Problem in Updating a Mozart Opera - ArtsBeat Blog -

  • As with all Ellison's tinkerings, it's more about inner space than outer space, as is the case with most half-decent SF.

    Sci-Fi Author Harlan Ellison Wants In On Star Trek 2 | /Film

  • As a lifelong liberal and a distinguished lawyer but always for the defence the authoritarian posturings and legal tinkerings of the 1997 New Labour government, elected with such high hopes, must have broken his heart.

    So Farewell Then

  • But his broader point was that innovation would spring from the "inefficient tinkerings" of people with time to kill, rather than from industrial-age efficiency metrics — a principle that has clearly outlasted the boom.

    15th Anniversary: A New Analysis of the New Economy's New Rules

  • Thus men too wise to tolerate hasty tinkerings with our political constitution accept without a qualm the most radical amendments to our biotic constitution.

    Excerpts from Aldo Leopold's Writings

  • But it thrives today on many college campuses, where scholarly rigor often takes a back seat to freakish conjecture -- especially when this serves the ideological goal of reducing great works to the mere tinkerings of "dead white men."

    Beethoven's Summation

  • Thanks to Mulroney's disastrous tinkerings, the regionalisms of the country have been thrown into sharp relief, and in spite of the fact that in nearly every measurable aspect, things have never been better for Canada, the country totters on the verge of ungovernability.

    i'm just saying

  • Brown will probably not be Chancellor when his financial tinkerings come home to roost in a big way,but...we will remember him.

    Brown's Reputation is Unravelling

  • Gets his friends and family to fund his tinkerings with the prototype in the bedroom ….

    Folding Money


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