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  • adj. superlative form of tinny: most tinny.


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  • If it is legal in your area, the tinniest trebles are great for eggs.

    So I just bought some little rubber eggs for trout bait, and I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to put them on a hook?

  • That woman had one of the tinniest tin ears ever in terms of relating to what the public was trying to tell her.

    Kurtz: The Boys On The Bus? Who Needs 'Em?

  • They turn the tinniest ear to this rejoinder; OK, so other than yap that Madonna has turned Africa into what the hater's brand a rich closet bigoted white woman's plaything, have you contributed money, written letters to elected officials, volunteered to work with relief agencies, or tried to sponsor an African orphan?

    Playa Hatin' on Madonna

  • I don't even want to take the slightest risk of dropping the tinniest spoiler!

    February 1st, 2009

  • And even the tinniest ear will respond to a rhyme like "fair facade/rather odd."

    Just The Way Walt Made 'Em

  • October 30th, 2006 at 1: 57 am omg! im sorry about the message on the other site!! hes not a baby he really is the tinniest person!! how cute! so how tall is he anyways? thet is like adorable! lol!!! love, jimmy marks katie Says:

    Tallest Man In The World Meets Shortest Man

  • Anyone with the tinniest bit of cranial matter, can work out the U.S. has a Hard on for Venezuela and in particular Chavez, a blind man can see, the polocies he espouses run contrary to the mighty holier then thou, beliefs of the U.S.

    News Not Fit to Print: US Coup Planned for Venezuela?

  • It kills three birds with one stone - I don't need to worry about loosing lashes, I get clump-free color on even the tinniest lashes, and I don't get any messiness around my eyes when my allergies kick in!

    Beauty Snob - Beauty Secrets and Tips

  • This will likely be hard to figure exactly, but I strongly suggest you try to do so if you want to fill all 4 DIMM slots - I was lucky that my cooler/DIMMs had the tinniest room for the shims between them. RSS Feed - Daily Deals

  • Sometimes, as in cases of Paphiopedilums, the roots are densely haired, thus allowing them to absorb moisture from the tinniest particles of their growing medium.



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