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  • noun Common misspelling of tinnitus.


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  • The plastic buzzing horns that made the World Cup so entertaining (if you like tinnitis) are on sale in New Delhi, where the Commonwealth Games begin Sunday.

    Vuvuzelas welcome at Commonwealth Games

  • Reminds me of their show at the Charlotte Coliseum on the "Diver Down" tour, where began my lifelong relationship with tinnitis and public vomiting.

    at the end of the drive, the lawmen arrive

  • Took me a few minutes to figure out where the noise was coming from, and to make sure I wasn't getting tinnitis.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • Gingko has some positive effects on dementia and leg pain due to poor circulation, but the study also reports that it has questionable effects on memory loss and tinnitis (ph) or ringing in the ears.

    CNN Transcript Jan 1, 2002

  • In that case, there is a continuous sound in the ears (tinnitis - "jingle" L), which can be endlessly irritating.

    The Human Brain

  • For several years, nothing happened; then about ten years ago, I got tinnitis in the ear; about 9 years ago, I realized I was losing my sense of smell and taste. Top headlines

  • Judging from the resulting neuron activity, the rats receiving vagus nerve stimulation while listening to different tones appeared to be cured of tinnitis. -- Top News

  • I do have a constant tinnitis in my right ear, with both a high pitched tone and something that sounds like a sort of low rushing noise as when you hold a seashell up to your ear.

    Home Theater Forum

  • I gotta admit that to me right now the worst thing about this is that the tinnitis and 40% hearing loss in my right ear really plays havoc with enjoying the audio aspect of this hobby.

    Home Theater Forum

  • Tanning Oil, and Peach Brandy; because little Skipper seems to claim every questionable, dysfunctional disease on the planet: ADD, Tourette syndrome, addictions to both sports drinks and video games, tinnitis (ringing in the ears), and narcolepsy.


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