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  • n. The trade of a tinsmith; making or repairing things of tin or similar alloys.

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  • n. The work or trade of a tinsmith; the making of tinware.


tinsmith +‎ -ing (Wiktionary)


  • Records of gem-cutting, tinsmithing, and architecture.

    The Brothers' War

  • These same students in most cases help do the practical work of putting up the building -- some at the sawmill, the brick-yard, or in the carpentry, brickmaking, plastering, painting, and tinsmithing departments.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1995, Memorial Issue

  • And, the prevocational and vocational courses, covered an alphabetical range from agriculture and auto mechanics to tinsmithing and welding.

    The Need for Canadian Military Preparation

  • The trades being taught were basket making, brush making, piano tuning, draughting, typewriting, tailoring, tinsmithing and so forth; while classes in reading, writing and other subjects were held for those who were deficient in these requirements, and anxious to learn.

    On the Fringe of the Great Fight

  • Soon we found ourselves teaching tinsmithing, plastering and painting.

    Tuskegee: A Retrospect and Prospect

  • Mr. Adams was a mechanic, and had learned the trades of shoemaking, harness-making, and tinsmithing during the days of slavery.

    Up From Slavery: An Autobiography

  • Mr. Adams was a mechanic, and had learned the trades of shoemaking, harnessmaking, and tinsmithing during the days of slavery.

    Teaching School in a Stable and a Hen-House

  • Scouts can work toward a metalworking merit badge in three of the book's four skills: foundry, blacksmithing and tinsmithing, all of which have the boys working with extremely hot metals in solid and liquid forms.

    News for

  • Demonstrations and exhibits planned for the event include beekeeping and honey products, chair caining, blacksmithing, tinsmithing, candle making, yarn spinning, weaving and quilting and Appalachian culture.

    The Marietta Times

  • And above all, boxing gave him what plumbing, tinsmithing, and masonry never could - a sense of importance and self-esteem.

    Main Features


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