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  • n. a small, plucked stringed-instrument of the guitar family, used in the traditional musics of Spain and various Latin American nations


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From Spanish tiple.


  • Alejandro Flórez on tiple leads a workshop presentation on Colombian Andean music featuring Anna Povich de Mayor on flute.

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  • Funds of hedge funds collect fees from public pension funds, endowments, wealthy individuals and banks, which hand over money they want doled out to mul tiple hedge-fund managers.

    SEC Examines Funds of Hedge Funds

  • F was programmed to update itself by contacting 20 servers in North America and South Korea each Friday and Sunday, but the FBI, working with mul-tiple Internet-security organizations, disabled the sites before the second stage of the virus was initiated.

    Viruses: Sobig, So Fast

  • Because of Vesper's diligent work and Milo's testimony, Caesare was behind bars facing an airtight case against him for smuggling arms, drugs, and mul - tiple violations of the RICO act.

    Second Skin

  • The mul - tiple playing areas of the Elizabethan stage, simulta - neous action, multiple motives, and the several levels

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Not Faithfull titled as to play on faithful/Marianne Faithfull, and textured with tiple, Wurlitzer, violin and upright bass.

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  • This was the real estate business before shared mul tiple listings and the Internet.

    Arkansas Online stories

  • I love Tarantino and have seen virtually everything he's done ... mul tiple times.

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  • PG&E established a $100 mil- these pages back in 1997, ques- something to make it right. tiple Boycott Target pages lion victim compensation fund tioning whether the Decoster Through corporate donations on Facebook and some 1.3 after a gas-pipe explosion in brand would survive.

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  • In the old days too, when the coro de tiple reaches the last lines "madre amorosa prenda de amor ..." the heavy curtains on the central niche of the main retablo in the old Santo Domingo would roll down to cover the Santo Rosario from view until the next day .. - Articles related to FEATURE : Historic Manila wants tourists to see past the decay


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