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  • v. Present participle of tipple.
  • n. A session of drinking alcohol.


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  • (commonly called the tippling exciseman,) had unexpectedly departed this life by mistaking the steep staircase of the Mermaid for a single step, one night when his brain was more than usually beclouded.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 20, No. 579, December 8, 1832

  • It was customary for instance for the publican to have a table of penalties against "tippling" actually posted up in his licensed house, so that both he and his customers might see what might be the consequences, but as they often could not read they were probably not much the wiser, except for a common idea that the Parish Stocks stood outside on the village green, or in the town street.

    Fragments of Two Centuries Glimpses of Country Life when George III. was King

  • I just was have second thoughts and a question about what "tippling" really was.

    drinking ok?

  • 'but, unhappily, though there is very little drunkenness, there is a great deal of what is called "pegging" -- an intermittent kind of tippling which goes on all day long, beginning very early and ending very late.

    The Golden Calf

  • But I try not to let my, ahem, discerning tippling proclivities get in the way of enjoying a normal drink like a normal person at a normal bar—the kind of bar that doesn't have sassafras tinctures.

    The Most Foolproof Cocktail

  • The incidents happened June 11 and start when the youngest member of the tippling trio, a 15-year-old boy, was arrested for drunk-driving near Pareora, New Zealand.

    3 Members Of New Zealand Family Busted For Drunk Driving In One Night

  • Its story is a long and complex one, covering some 400 years and a vast number of tippling houses of all conceivable kinds.

    The All-American Place

  • Are they the product of rigorous research, as dedicated, ethically irreproachable statisticians crunch the numbers regarding crime, weather, culture and the local economy to determine the best places to retire, reinvent oneself or engage in Golden Years tippling?

    Ten Best Places to Read About Silly Lists

  • Luckily, the public was not going to let a bit of innocuous tippling derail the career of the man who ultimately saved the Republic.


  • Whether it was the tippling yuppies fighting for the right to bring their children into a bar, or the fools camped out at the Tea Lounge -- our local, perhaps ironically titled, coffee shop -- for hours on end, clinging to the shabby-chic secondhand sofas like mold, each one somehow with a new Apple laptop that costs more than my car.

    David Serchuk: New York City Apartment Hell Pt. 1


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