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  • n. A page or mailing of information and hints


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tip +‎ sheet


  • There is nothing nefarious about the tipsheet, but it's interesting (if not somewhat comical) to see how the IPCC pigeonholes journalists: "college-educated, overworked, underpaid, inquisitive, skeptical, jaded, world-weary, generalists."

    It's Duck Season!

  • There's a major profile in this weekend's New York Times Magazine of veteran Washington, D.C. reporter Mike Allen of Politico: Allen's e-mail tipsheet, Playbook, has ...

    Swopa: The Last Temptation of Politico's Mike Allen

  • Allen's e-mail tipsheet, Playbook, has become the principal early-morning document for an elite set of political and news-media thrivers and strivers.

    Swopa: The Last Temptation of Politico's Mike Allen

  • Thanks to the Hotline -- the political tipsheet of campaign politics -- we now have a close-to-comprehensive list of Senate fundraising over the first three months of the year.

    Billionaire Jeff Greene considering candidacy in Florida Senate

  • One tipsheet editor, James Dines, had a booth in the main hall with a large banner overhead: the original gold bug. the original uranium bug.

    Yellow Dirt

  • This tipsheet for prospectors stirred up so much excitement that it was said if one of the scout planes circled back over an area to take a second look, the ground below would be covered with claim stakes within a couple of hours.

    Yellow Dirt

  • Brinkman is also BFF with Jim Schifrin, a SW Ohio oddball who publishes The Whistleblower, a notorious tipsheet that regularly calls Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory "a gay darkie" and refers to the former Public Schools Superintendant as "mammy."

    GOP Pol: Rep. Jean Schmidt Is A "Lying B----"

  • Here's a tipsheet to the leading contenders for your eyeballs -- at least as of today.

    Surfers, Step Right Up!

  • UPDATE: Marc Ambinder has the essential tipsheet for anyone who wants to draw conclusions from the demographics of states voting tonight…

    Setting Expectations and Making Predictions « Gerry Canavan

  • During Tuesday night's primary coverage, the pro-Obama spin was so obvious that the political tipsheet Hotline joked that MSNBC's enthusiasm level for the Obama campaign registered somewhere between Richard Simmons and the "American Idol" girl who cried over Sanjaya.

    Political Diary


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