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  • n. A kind of cake composed of pastry stuck with almonds, saturated with wine, and served with custard sauce; also, any stale cake similarly treated and served. It is used as a dessert.


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  • One morning about thirty dollars 'worth of bread (it must have been tipsy-cake), which the baker was conveying to Smith's Bar, fell overboard, and sailed merrily away towards Marysville.

    The Shirley Letters from California Mines in 1851-52

  • The tipsy-cake, like the wreck of the _Royal George_, was rescued from the foaming ocean in which it had been imbedded.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, October 23, 1841

  • They would as soon have thought of having supper without trifle, tipsy-cake, and syllabub, in those days, as of finishing the evening without Sir Roger.

    Mrs. Day's Daughters

  • "Is it the tipsy-cake, then?" said Maggie, exerting her hypothetic powers, while she leaned forward toward Tom with her eyes fixed on the hovering knife.

    Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 7

  • The tipsy-cake doesn't matter, because it can be made without alcohol.

    Half a Hero A Novel

  • "I almost wish we had not attempted the tipsy-cake, and had stuck to my original suggestion," said Thaddeus.

    Paste Jewels

  • "I gave Ellen the bottle of brandy you gave me for the tipsy-cake, and -- and she drank half of it."

    Paste Jewels

  • "It's all because of the tipsy-cake," said Bessie.

    Paste Jewels

  • But on the other hand, he knew there would be jellies, and savoury pie, and strawberries, and tipsy-cake, at home that night.

    The Willoughby Captains

  • He liked the sound of the jellies and the tipsy-cake, and just at present he knew of no special reason for "funking" the doctor.

    The Willoughby Captains


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