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  • n. A lady's maid.
  • n. A female dresser in a theatre; a wardrobe assistant.


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tire +‎ woman. See tire attire.


  • These were now considerably effaced, and the lost organ of sight no longer appeared so great a blemish, concealed, as it was, by a black ribbon, and the arts of the tirewoman, who made it her business to shadow it over by a lock of hair.

    Castle Dangerous

  • Then she said to her tirewoman, “Draw back the curtain of the litter;” and she drew back the curtain, till Hind was face to face with

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Anita the wife of Honophrius, has been told by her tirewoman, For-tissa, that Honuphrius has blasphemously confessed under volun — tary chastisement that he has instructed his slave, Mauritius, to ur;, e Magravius, a commercial, emulous of Honuphrius, to solicit the chastity of Anita.

    Finnegans Wake

  • The dressing of Ethelberta for the dinner-party was an undertaking into which Picotee threw her whole skill as tirewoman.

    The Hand of Ethelberta

  • She was able to slip away with Rusgann Moorcock, the sturdy, plainspoken tirewoman who had become her personal maid during the pilgrimage, after Queen Cataldise preempted the services of both ladies-in-waiting.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • "Try this gown on first," was all the tirewoman said.

    Through Wolfs Eyes

  • "I came here," the tirewoman explained, "to fit the young lady for her gowns and found her perched out on the parapet!"

    Through Wolfs Eyes

  • At a prod from the tirewoman, Firekeeper raised her right arm so that Goody Sewer could adjust the pins in that sleeve.

    Through Wolfs Eyes

  • A sniff from the tirewoman indicated that she had noticed the liberal patterning of scars across Firekeeper's skin.

    Through Wolfs Eyes

  • The tirewoman who — no matter what she pretended — could not have failed to hear the stories of how Lady Blysse had been discovered in the wilds west of the Iron Mountains early the past spring, sniffed but did not pursue the subject.

    Through Wolfs Eyes


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