from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To tear; uncover; unroof; strip; pare off with a spade, as sward, or soil from the top of a quarry.


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  • This kind o 'raggin' at ane anither gaed on for the feck o 'the forenicht, an' we were juist i 'the thick o' a 'tirr-wirr aboot the best cure for the kink-host, when the doonstairs door gaed clash to the wa', an 'in anither meenit in banged Sandy in his sark sleeves, an' his hair fleein 'like a bundle o' ravelled threed.

    My Man Sandy

  • Silvia could hear the twittering of the young starlings in their nests as their parents went and came carrying food, and the loud and joyful "tirr-a-wee, tirr-a-wee, prooit, tweet!" of the thrushes, and the low currooing of the wood pigeon, and the soft call of the cuckoo, that seemed to come in whenever an interval of silence fitted.

    Bird Day; How to prepare for it

  • Gien 't war ance to get its nose in, I wadna say but it micht tirr (strip) the rufe, but it winna blaw 's intil the burn, my leddy.



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