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  • n. Plural form of tissue.


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  • The continued build up of cellular waste products in the tissues is one of the chief causes of ill flavored meat.

    any proven way to take the wild taste out of deer meat?

  • Everytime Mixner shows, he or she is literally blown out of the water, and his/her “arguments” are shown to be mere naked assertions, or thin tissues covering his/her own abject failure to understand the full implications of the evidence cited (or, for that matter, basic math).

    Matthew Yglesias » Mass Transit is As American as Apple Pie

  • The risk of CWD transmission to humans following exposure to CWD-infected tissues is unknown.

    CWD Worse Than Ever In Wisconsin Counties

  • Soft-tissue sarcomas -- Tumors that develop in tissues that connect, support or surround other organs and structures of the body, specifically the muscles, fat, blood vessels, nerves and joints

    Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

  • Collection of extra fluid in tissues that can lead to swelling; seen in congestive heart failure.

    Cardiac terms and definitions

  • Researchers have shown that expression in tissues with a limited number of specialized cell types is strongly conserved, even between the mammalian and non-mammalian vertebrates.

    2009 April - Telic Thoughts

  • This shows that in tissues of the body, adult stem cells possess a much greater potential for differentiation than previously assumed.

    14 Important Science Questions

  • Sepsis-the presence in tissues of harmful bacteria and their toxins, typically through infection of a wound

    "Lost" Viewing guides « Peace Corps: China

  • When the researchers removed and examined tissues from the flies, they found the near-infrared microscope allowed them to see and identify individual nanotubes inside the tissue specimens.

    First Look at Nanotubes Inside Living Animals | Impact Lab

  • Some individuals were speculating that similar measurements might supplement or replace the observations of cell structure in tissues by pathologists, but the invasive nature of the animal procedure was distasteful to me, the data too complex, and the sources of differences too obscure, to be relied upon for medical decisions.

    Paul C. Lauterbur - Autobiography


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