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  • n. Concentration of a substance in solution or the strength of such a substance determined by titration.
  • n. The minimum volume needed to cause a particular result in titration.

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  • n. The concentration of a substance as determined by titration.
  • v. To measure a concentration, especially by means of titration

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  • Old spellings of titter, titterer.
  • n. In chem.: The strength of a standard solution used in titration in volumetric chemical analysis.
  • n. Inaccurately, the amount of a standard solution required in a given analysis.
  • n. See number, 17.

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  • n. the concentration of a solution as determined by titration


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French titre, from Old French title, title; see title.

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From French titre.


  • WHen you say your titer is 14X the immunized level how many vacciniations have u had? and where do u htink i stand based on the vaccines ive gotten?

    The mysteries of rabies Boing Boing

  • My rabies titer is 14x stronger than what is considered "immune" and even still, I pay for the occasional booster.

    The mysteries of rabies Boing Boing

  • The diesel hydroxide titer, which is the last plan to be completed is mechanically completed and the commissioning is coming up to an end. Home Page

  • The titer is a number that tells how many times a patient’s blood must be diluted to obtain a sample that is free of ANA.


  • An elevated titer indicates that a Streptococcus infection or poststreptococcal sequelae from a previous infection are present.

    Dr. Andrew Lange: What to Do if You Have Arthritis, Part One

  • In this study researchers found that farmers with a history of working with pesticides were more likely to have a low, but still significant, titer of antinuclear antibodies associated with lupus diagnosis.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • Still, he told Joy that her high ANA titer was worrisome and would likely turn out to be indicative of an autoimmune disease down the road.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • I've done this with a doctor's approval and have had blood drawn to ensure that their titer levels are high enough to maintain protection.

    this won't hurt a bit

  • When I learned that the RUC would be making the payments rules my doubt titer went off the chart .

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Nao, heer is yur costoom… eet gawt a littlol bit shrunked at teh cleenurs but is otay, just a littlol bit titer dan yu had planned…

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