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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of titer.


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  • When it can be interpreted because you can't conclude anything from a study where the administered vaccine wasn't titered and the drug therapy was miscalculated.

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  • If titer tests on any pet no matter the age indicate vaccine levels are low, we recommend a booster for only the specific virus or viruses that titered low, and only for those to which the animal has a real risk of exposure.

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  • Viruses were titered by standard means using flow cytometry of infected 293T cells to determine infectious units per mL.

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  • Yasutomi Y, Torres JV, Gardner MB, Langlios AJ, et al. (1993) Use of synthetic peptides in primates to induce high-titered neutralizing antibodies and MHC class I-restricted cytotoxic T cells against acquired immunodeficiency syndrome retroviruses: an HLA-based vaccine strategy.

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  • The HIS positive control was titered on each plate in 2-fold dilutions starting from 1: 200 for IgG1 and IgG3, or from 1: 5,000 for total IgG.

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  • All six of the original rabbit HEV infectious plasma samples and the second-passage samples (GDC54-18) of rabbit HEV were generated from rabbits and titered by real-time PCR.

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  • The infected amniotic fluid was harvested 3 days post-inoculation and the virus was titered using the plaque assay described above.

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  • 7 TCID50/ml and 1. 78×107 TCID These two titered stocks were used to determine the analytical sensitivity of the RPM-Flu, by blinded assays of samples extracted from triplicate three-fold serial dilutions in the range of 1: 1,000 to 1: 2,187,000.

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