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  • n. The creation of a system that incorporates software under the terms of a copyleft software license, but uses hardware to prevent users from running modified versions of the software on that hardware.


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Coined by Richard Stallman in 2007, in reference to TiVo’s use of GNU GPL licensed software on the TiVo brand digital video recorders.


  • GPLv3 will prevent "tivoization" by insisting that freedom No. 1, the freedom to modify the program to do what you wish, is real and not a sham.

    Freeing The Code SlavesFree Vs. Open

  • When free software gets embroiled with all this stuff, it’s called tivoization isn’t it?

    The iPhone and toilet paper freedom « Alex McLean

  • GPL v3 specifically forbids this tactic which the FSF found quite offensive, and rightfully so (in fact, they call it "tivoization").

    Original Signal - Transmitting Web 2.0

  • Because quite a few changes have been made since the previous draft and important new issues have surfaced, the drafting process has been changes in this draft include refinements in the "tivoization" provisions to eliminate unwanted side effects, revision of the patent provisions to prevent end-runs around the license, and further steps toward compatibility with other free software licenses.

    Slashdot: Apache

  • I wrote GPL version 3 to protect users from 'tivoization' because I'm a free software activist, and Torvalds chose to leave the users vulnerable to

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  • Thus, one of the many improvements I decided on in GPL version 3 (written 2005-2007) was to bar 'tivoization'.

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  • If 'tivoization' was an important weapon in the attacker's arsenal, we could not dare treat it as unimportant.

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  • I became aware of the issue somewhere around 2000, and after a few years of reflection, concluded that 'tivoization' of a program, practically speaking, makes the program non-free.

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  • 'tivoization' reduces freedom 1 to a theoretical fiction.

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  • The reason I hope Torvalds will decide to adopt GPLv3 is to make Linux resistant to "tivoization."

    Linux Without LinusBrave GNU License


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