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  • abbr. transfer-messenger RNA


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  • In these organisms, non-stop proteins are tagged by a marker known as tmRNA or ssrA, which then leads to their destruction.

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  • Prokaryotes also have a special release factor called tmRNA, which provides a template for stalled ribosomes (ones that have stopped translating without meeting a stop codon, maybe because mRNA has been released too early by RNA polymerase).

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  • The sensitivity of the detection of tmRNA at low temperature can be increased by chaperone oligonucleotides.

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  • We demonstrate that adding specific DNA helper oligonucleotides (chaperones) to the hybridization buffer increases the signal strength at a given temperature and thus makes the specific detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae tmRNA more sensitive.

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  • The hybridization of synthetic Streptococcus pneumoniae tmRNA on a detection microarray is slow at 34C resulting in low signal intensities.

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  • Ltn1 was the long-sought missing link for non-stop protein degradation-even though it looked nothing like tmRNA/ssrA.

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  • Friedman DI (2003) A salvage pathway for protein structures: tmRNA and trans-translation.

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  • Duties will include designing and executing experiments related to the biochemical and molecular studies of Protein-RNA interactions of the SmpB-tmRNA system, preparation of scientific publications, and public presentation of data at scientific meetings.

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  • The C. merolae plastid genome contains 243 genes, which are distributed on both strands and consist of 36 RNA genes (3 rRNAs, 31 tRNAs, tmRNA, and a ribonuclease P RNA component) and

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  • The tmRNA contains a template for an 11 amino acid tag, which marks these abortive proteins for destruction.

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