from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • intransitive v. to look on all sides, or in different directions.


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  • My eyes don't allow me to look about much, and I walk with "unshowing eye turned towards the earth."

    Life of John Coleridge Patteson

  • Queen Isabella had lost the throne, and General Prim found himself obliged to look about for a new sovereign.

    Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire

  • “George Eliot is Marian Evans;” but others were only confident that the author must be some Nuncaton resident, and began to look about them for the author.

    George Eliot; A Critical Study of Her Life, Writings and Philosophy

  • Her first impression was that he had taken leave of his senses, and she was on the point of shedding tears over the wreck of a once brilliant mind, when Desyvetaux, suspending his antics long enough to look about him, perceived her and rushed to her side with the liveliest expressions of joy.

    Ninon de L'Enclos the Celebrated Beauty of the 17th Century

  • About the time that King Christian reached the age of eighteen, Tycho began to look about for a new patron, and to consider the prospects offered by transferring himself with his instruments and activities to the patronage of the Emperor Rudolph II.


  • They had gone no more than ten minutes deeper into the woodland, after their rest, when he checked to look about him, at the slant of the veiled sun between the trees, and the shape of the low, lichened outcrop of rocks on their right.

    The Devil's Novice

  • As an aide to Elphy Bey, who was still on his road north, I had time on my hands to look about Kabul, which was a great, filthy sprawling place full of narrow lanes and smelling abominably.


  • While I tore off my clobber, I had time to look about me, and note that J.C. Spring, M.A., did himself as well afloat as he did ashore.

    Flashman and the angel of the lord

  • Her limited marketing was soon completed; and then as usual she began to look about for some of the Trantridge cottagers.

    Tess of the d'Urbervilles

  • Her eyes were blazing, but she swept off without a word, leaving me to look about and wonder which of the throng in the lobby might be Kuklos "shadows" - for Joe had disappeared, and the two betrayed by my little ruse in the dining-room hadn't emerged, but I wasn't fool enough to imagine that I wasn't being watched.

    Flashman and the angel of the lord


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