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  • adv. Archaic spelling of tomorrow.
  • n. Archaic spelling of tomorrow.


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  • As sure as I live, Madam, the _very_ man: -- and _to-morrow, -- to-morrow at ten_, he is to unite their lovely daughter with Lord Darcey.

    Barford Abbey

  • I sent up these sorrowful words: How long, how long, “to-morrow, and to-morrow?

    The Eighth Book

  • True, the placard ` _For Peru -- to-morrow_! 'did not keep faith to-day, but no doubt it will do so to-morrow, at a very early hour.

    The Boy Tar

  • Such is the _world_ -- such is the condition of human life, that we always think _to-morrow_ will be happier than to-day; but to-morrow and to-morrow steals over us unenjoyed and unregarded, and we still linger in the same expectation to the moment appointed for our end.

    The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 05 Miscellaneous Pieces

  • "Oh, to-morrow, _to-morrow_, aunt Hazel, the sun will come out, and I know just how that lily will look.

    Jewel's Story Book

  • They ain't enough grub to turn back, an 'we'll be there to-morrow.


  • Suppose Hearst were to invade the newspaper field of Australia to-morrow.

    Running A Newspaper

  • "And there'll hardly be time to-morrow," Jacob Welse added.

    CHAPTER 23

  • While pan-handling flip flops are one thing, I wonder what the anti-deep bore tunnel duo, McGinn and O'Brien, will do at the WSDOT "Corridor Hearing" at the Silver Cloud Hotel, to-morrow at 5: 00 p.m. when they have a chance to reaffirm their campaign promise to deep six it?

    Mike O’Brien Talks About his Panhandling Flip-Flop « PubliCola

  • If I beat my grandmother to death to-morrow in the middle of Battersea Park, you may be perfectly certain that people will say everything about it except the simple and fairly obvious fact that it is wrong.



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