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  • prep. toward


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  • Furthermore, although older subordinates and subordinates with high aspirations and substantial seniority were most specifically favorable to-ward managers who had beliefs and intentions to allow the subordinates to participate in decisions, it was the younger subordinates who reacted most negatively to managers with beliefs and intentions that were opposed to such participation Norrgren, 1981b.

    The Bass Handbook of Leadership

  • (Cf. the history of to (us)-ward, to-ward, toward.) THE RECENCY ILLUSION.

  • The other simply motioned to-ward the edge of the walk.

    Sister Carrie

  • "Ensign, I'll be in the Habitat Ring until my meeting with First Minister Shakaar," Ezri said as she moved to-ward the turbolift and grabbed a padd with the list of complaints.

    Demons Of Air And Darkness

  • "Very well," Vaughn said, standing and walking to-ward the viewscreen.

    Demons Of Air And Darkness

  • She remem-bered her thoughts upon arriving at Europa Nova the day before, regarding Taran'atar and her feelings to-ward Cardassians.

    Demons Of Air And Darkness

  • An extensible ramp extended to-ward the branch like a long gray tongue.

    Mid Flinx

  • The second group of invaders made swift progress to-ward the capital city's communications center until they came up against a small but well-entrenched cluster of determined Massood.

    The False Mirror

  • But the skies and horizon stayed clear of all except star'tled local fauna, and the tense strike group raced on to-ward their objective.

    The False Mirror

  • "Is that it?" the sheriff asked Chester, pointing to-ward the barn.

    The Metrognome and Other Stories


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