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  • adj. Alternative form of toadlike.


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  • He agreed andhas lived there ever since, eating bad bugs and being generally toad-like.

    The Prodigal Blog Returns « Looking for Roots

  • Balls (Balls by name and Balls by nature) is a bulgy-eyed toad-like squirt who has been in Parliament five minutes, has never had a proper job and gets his jollies by kicking hard-working middle class folk about.

    Have Courage, Mr. Straw!

  • As I step cautiously into the limo, I notice she is accompanied by a toad-like man with a receding white hairline who is busy peering through a pair of binoculars.

    Go Ahead

  • He's too hunched and toad-like to be considered handsome by either gender, I'm afraid — and I wonder if he's as miserable as I am.

    At the Gay Men's Counseling Center

  • The motivation for vitriol is envy: envy of your fees, envy of your exposure, envy of your fame; envy, even, of the cartoon of you, unshaven and toad-like.

    It is interesting that Sir George Young took the opportunity...

  • Being a good soldier Harry does what he is told, but how difficult can it be to fight a toad-like alien half his height? » Post Topic » After the Coup by John Scalzi

  • She was a monstrous, toad-like creature, but she was all that was left after the bridal rush of sixty-eight.


  • Thus, if I find any Dovetailed Toadbirds - that eat only music, lapping the notes from the air like floating insects with their toad-like tongues and swooping and swirling around the notes as if dancing to the silence they create - Horatio the Mute will be perfectly capable of humming the circus music of his youth, feeding them.

    I'm collecting something...

  • Two actors: Marlon Brando and his incredible performance as the toad-like, hardly-human creature in Apocalypse; and Tommy Lee Jones as an aging, hardworking, God-fearing war vet, sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and questioning why his son, back from a tour of duty in Iraq, is missing.

    Buzzine » Film Fight: Two Faces of War

  • Besides Ophidian, the other non - ine animal-like adjectives I know of are: simian: ape-like batrachian: frog/toad-like chiropterian: bat-like lepidopteran: butterfly-like (why not - ian?)

    Breakfast in Bed


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