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  • adj. Similar to, or resembling, a toad.


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From toad +‎ -like.


  • It contains nothing fantastical, except for the mere overlarge size of the house in which the toadlike grotesques slump and commit arson or murder, and the world is more dreary, disenchanting, and mundane than our world, not less.

    Voice Of The Fans: What Books Have You Stopped Reading?

  • After filling itself with a number of fly souls, it ceased being toadlike.

    Among the Ghosts

  • For all her toadlike ugliness, her black gaze was piercingly keen.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • She was small and plump, her head thrusting forward from rounded shoulders and a yellow, toadlike face set with very small, sharp black eyes.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • Until you encounter one that sits there, toadlike and muscular, tough as nails.

    They Are Everywhere Among Us, Their Work Not Yet Done

  • Amanda, I looked at Jesse's picture first before deciding that he was as toadlike as everything ever published on Pandagon.

    For the annals of anti-Althousiana.

  • In the light of the seraph blade, the demons appearance was unpleasantly visible: dead-white, scaled skin, a black hole for a mouth, bulging, toadlike eyes, and arms that ended in tentacles where hands should have been.

    Cassandra Clare: The Mortal Instrument Series

  • A few pages later, Humbert gives an unappetizing description of his first wife, the unhappy Valeria: "The mobile moist mouth, no matter how I stuffed it with love, disclosed ignominiously its resemblance to the corresponding part in a treasured portrait of her toadlike dead mama."

    Lolita At 50, And Forever Young

  • From looking much like a salamander or hellbender, the final instar librarian matures into a toadlike being.

    Just where do baby librarians come from?

  • The brown-suited, toadlike figure sitting on a stool next to him nudged him in the ribs.

    An Atlas of Impossible Longing


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