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  • Tatil says: gab: To quote from the article, Additionally, this bill promotes activist – and union-shareholder proxy terrorism by requiring firms toallow

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Concerns About Privacy In Financial Reg Bill:

  • The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper reported Sunday that Osaka Prefecture is finalizing a proposal to ask the central government to relax money-lending laws toallow consumer lenders to apply higher interest rates in some cases.

    Shares Fall on Double-Dip Worries

  • The apparent problem here is the absolute political determination of Democrats and Republicans toallow things to go one fundamentally the same as before.

    No Bailout No Way!!! by Martin Zehr

  • It is the rest of the people, those for whom it will take more time toallow melanin to fade beforethey see the depths of his character, who will determine the candidacy conclusion of Barack Obama.

    How in the General Election, Character will Trump Melanin

  • Are we toallow thesepresumptuous apes to arrogate to themselves the power of God and take our planet and make our more decent kind extinct because we just sit here and let them?

    Act Accordingly - People, Arise! - A Call to Arms

  • They have refused toallow him to take mummy tissue samples out of China, preferring to give the politically charged work of DNA testing to Chinese scientists.

    Big Oil and China’s Past

  • Allow it to sit for a minute or two toallow the basil to flavor the rest of the dish.

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • Its obvios these people lie endlessly and now we should trust what they say about who their spying on? despite google saying it wont hand over all its records and Q west refusing toallow the nsa to wire tapp conversations en masse and in light of govt spying on legitimate dissent wow mind blowing I quess Bush co can do no wrong in your eyes exley

    Think Progress » Specter Caves, Proposes Blanket Amnesty For Illegal Government Surveillance

  • An easy different way would be toallow no contributions or funding with severe penalties for violation (disqualification without replacement) and allow each candidate a set number of minutes ad time leading to the primaries.

    Thoughts on the Las Vegas Dem Debate.

  • How nice is it of the State of Nevada toallow gambling machines in their airports, so we can perchance live the American dream of buying higher stacks of stuff!

    Imagine Peace


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