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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of toat.


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  • We were all anxious for her to come over and spend Christmas with us, but the Fort people objected -- and said some of us must go over there -- so Lile Mat Garret_and the boys "toated" [sic] off this morning to spend a few days.

    Lenoir Family. Lenoir Family Papers. Personal Correspondence, 1861-1865.

  • And that reminds me, Sammy, that a varmint come the other night and toated off the likeliest rooster I had on the place.

    Old Ebenezer

  • Will was behind the horse, he kicked Will down, Mr. Dickens thought he was killed, he ran to the house to get assistance, they ran to him and toated him to the house, he was quite bloody.

    Diary, January 1st 1861-Dec. 1865,

  • I remembers readin ''bout thet ur cussed niggur as toated the possible sack -- Judeas, ef I reccol'ex right, war the durned raskul's name -- ef I kud 'a laid claws on him, I'd a raised his har in the shakin' o 'a goat's tail.

    The War Trail The Hunt of the Wild Horse

  • Brazos, an wur conspik'us in the skrimmige: a 'more too -- it ur thort he toated off one o' Wilson's gurls, an made a squaw o 'her, for he's mighty given thet way I've heern.

    The War Trail The Hunt of the Wild Horse

  • Bosley an 'the other hev toated 'em this far, an' war wait in for the rest to come on wi 'the stolen goods.

    The Death Shot A Story Retold

  • When it rains, if there aint a pretty how-do-you-do, it's a pity -- beds toated out of this room, and tubs set in tother to catch soft water to wash; while the clapboards, loose at the eends, go clap, clap, clap, like galls a hacklin flax, and the winders and doors keen

    The Clockmaker — or, the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick, of Slickville

  • Looking in the belly of the volcano, pure fire was flickering in small crater holes, so we toated the marshmellows, and our sandwiches, others made hotdogs, and other picnics, were munched on the top of Fuego. TravelStream? ? Recent Entries at

  • The now closed Younkers Tea Room here in Des Moines was pretty famous for their Rarebit Burger - a big juicy hamburger on a toasted bottom bun with a sauce similar to this poured over, then topped with usual hamburger stuff and the toated top bun.

    The Pioneer Woman - Full RSS Feed

  • Every talking head in that party toated the party line.

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