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  • n. The period of one's life in which one is a toddler


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toddler +‎ -hood


  • In the mean time I write this here blog so other frustrated mothers can wallow in what we call toddlerhood with me.

    Life of Elle

  • A child's sexual education starts in toddlerhood (when he first learns to name the parts of his body) and continues to the end of adolescence.

    Ask Amy

  • But my biggest weakness is a creation my grandmother introduced me to in toddlerhood … peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.

    » Ode to Peanut Butter and Jam

  • I think I mastered Piagetian object permanence somewhere back in toddlerhood -- I don't need my user interface to remind me that there's STUFF HIDING behind each window.

    All-Glass Firefox Enables Slick Transparency Effects | Lifehacker Australia

  • Not only do I have toddlers to worry about (I am not sure that toddlerhood is a good time to get an adolescent dog who is not used to babies) but our middle dog, Finnegan, does not like other dogs.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Thanks for putting it into words, and reminding me Im not the only who feels this, who is saddened by how much Ive forgotten about what it felt like to hold my son as an infant, but is so overjoyed to watch him blossom in toddlerhood.

    Forever Young | Her Bad Mother

  • By toddlerhood, children are at elevated risk of behavior and emotional problems and delayed language development; by early childhood they are at elevated risk of learning difficulties and conduct disorders and are already more vulnerable to depression themselves.

    Marian Wright Edelman: Maternal Depression: Helping Mothers, Helping Children

  • The house will hit the market in March and be sold by Freshmen Parent's Day at college, which, the children have known since toddlerhood, will occupy a latitude from Virginia on up.

    Pamela Kripke: The Great Escape

  • In any case, I'm told I got my first big laugh when I was barely beyond toddlerhood and reacted to a scene of Jesus on the cross with, "His father must be very proud."

    Michael Sigman: Hello, the Marx Brothers Must Be Coming

  • Over the past year and since my divorce, I ve watched video snippets of my ex-second cousin getting married; watched another ex-cousin s daughter grow through toddlerhood...

    Erin Mantz: Peek-a-Boo, I Still See You: Following Ex-Family on Facebook


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