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  • n. A task yet to be done; an item on a to-do list.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

to + do


  • The only search he needs todo is choose Hillary as VP.

    Kennedy joins Obama VP search team

  • Have you moved yet. are y ou happy in todo santos?

    Hello all; moving to Baja Sur

  • If you don't happen to have your own, cheap paddles and balls are readily available in the ubiquitous Chinese-run shops still known as todo a cien "everything at 100 pesetas".

    10 of the best outdoors activities in Barcelona

  • Something about this whole 'todo' is certainly junior high schoolish and paricularly reminds me of the behavior of teenage cliques.

    Obama Slams Hillary For Reports Of Dirt-Mongering

  • To take one example, both use the word "todo" to mean "all."

    Merde! Je suis idiot!

  • I've had this secret "todo" involving Campfire and the blogging community.

    Installing a Backchannel in My Classroom this Week

  • Additionally, thinking about gun control has probably brought gun ownership to the front of some people’s minds, encouraging them to get a gun if it was on their long-term todo-list.

    Symbolic Belief

  • This will set the status of all tasks to 'todo', so employees will see their tasks in the todo list.

    PyPI recent updates

  • One other thing I would like to say though is that after writing the code, and deciding it might have been something I did overlook in the term of implementation, I simply had to look again at the documentation I wrote, as well as looking for "todo" markup inside the source code (thanks Doxygen!), to implement what I didn't implement the first time around

    Flameeyes's Weblog :

  • Okay, I've determined that my "todo" list has got TOO long - might need an extra days work this week!

    Unfolding Neurons


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