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  • n. Plural form of toff.


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  • So now we're bloomin 'toffs, an' I'll get a pair of reach-me-downs this very bloomin 'night.

    Harding's Luck

  • The toffs were the worst looking after her -- as they mostly are -- so I was always watching her in the day-time, and at night Meg was always watching her, and that was what made me know your face, as soon as ever I clapt eyes on it. '


  • She once called herself a "Ghetto Tory", which was based on her background and people often saying all Tories are toffs, which is not even close to the truth.

    London SE1 community website

  • "A toff" was her secret comment upon the engineer; and from her limited experience she had been led to understand that it was not good form among "toffs" to shake hands.

    CHAPTER 20

  • Labour now denigrate the aspirant classes as "toffs" alienating many Brits who want to better themselves.

    Ooo I`m Scared

  • So why not spend, spend, spend and let those two "toffs" David Cameron and George Osborne take the flak for having to cut public spending and increase taxation.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • His little R4 essay on Profligate was laced with attempted smears against the Tories - mostly on the grounds that they are 'toffs' and got off lightly, compared to Gordon's proles.


  • Beyond being merely interested in what the actual balance of 'toffs' across all parties might be, as I have found some sport in whispering in the ear of Aunty's sisterhood, another might be to ask whether there are no female public schools or at least that churn out anyone with a serious career, as this is the impression that seems to be created... with help from their male counterparts at almost every turn.


  • Brown hates the armed forces as they are run by "toffs" and he is an envious shite - no surprise that he is prepared to piss all over them for the millionth time

    James Gordon "Cyclops" Brown - lying over priority treatment for troops.

  • I thought the news clip last evening was quite amusing and reckon it made as much fun of 'toffs' as it did of 'chavs'; the kids who made it deserve praise not chastisement.

    Chav Hunt


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