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  • n. Plural form of toiler.


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  • Shall we mourn for the decay of the British House of Commons because the representatives of the toilers are therein, and go back to what arc called the more glorious days of Gladstone?

    Empire and Democracy

  • Latisan -- and behind the toilers was a dominating spirit that was a combination of courage, wild enthusiasm, loyalty, and devotion in a campaign that now was entered upon with tempestuous fervor in the presence of Lida Kennard.

    Joan of Arc of the North Woods

  • The burden and the joy of the toilers was the same.

    The Hills of the Shatemuc

  • "Now by a chance only this morning I found in some old records which I was studying, that the heir to the throne of Egypt a thousand years ago, had, and therefore, as nothing ever changes in Egypt, still has, a right to a private librarian for which the State, that is, the toilers of the land, must pay as in the end they pay for all.

    Moon of Israel

  • Scientists, philosophers and quite a few toilers in the humanities believe—and would have the rest of us believe—that nothing fundamental separates humanity from animality.

    Rethinking Thinking

  • Having been let go from MI6, or what its toilers refer to as "The Circus," Smiley is initially lured back by the man known only as Control, who's also been in bad odor with the department simply for aging.

    David Finkle: First Nighter: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Alec Guinness Spectacular on DVD

  • As Mr. Wolfe wrote: "Honest toilers, broad fingernails, and curves disappeared from the Bauhaus forever."

    Staying Warm in the Machine

  • In their early days, following World War I, the Europe-based Bauhaus thinkers still embraced "yeomen, honest toilers, people with knit brows and broad fingernails who could make things by hand for architectural interiors, simple wooden furniture, simple pots and glassware, simple this and simple that."

    Staying Warm in the Machine

  • King, and those who go to compose the powers that be, yearly spend in wasteful luxury $1,850,000,000, or 370,000,000 pounds, which is thirty-two per cent. of the total wealth produced by all the toilers of the country.


  • Down on the water front they found a fish cannery and an asparagus cannery in the height of the busy season, where they looked in vain among the toilers for familiar American faces.



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