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  • n. A cover for a toilet-table, formerly often of rich stuffs, embroidery, etc., in later times more commonly of washable material decorated with ribbons, etc., which can be detached.


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  • “Here! you be lit,” said Mr. Fotheringay, and forthwith the candle was flaring, and he saw a little black hole in the toilet-cover, with a wisp of smoke rising from it.

    The Man Who Could Work Miracles

  • Now she lifted the toilet-cover, and even rolled up the carpet a little way, but no, there was nothing there, not so much as a scrap of paper.

    The Lodger

  • Sue looked out at the rain, and at the dirty toilet-cover, and at the detached tail of Arabella's hair hanging on the looking-glass, just as it had done in Jude's time; and wished she had not come.

    Jude the Obscure

  • That he had been there was plain, from the toilet-cover on the floor, the scattered pots and bottles, the wandering brushes and combs, all involved in the tangle of ribbons and laces which an open drawer had yielded to the baby's inquisitive fingers.

    The Phoenix and the Carpet

  • 'The Lamb,' mother went on; 'he was very good at first, but he's pulled the toilet-cover off the dressing-table with all the brushes and pots and things, and now he's so quiet I'm sure he's in some dreadful mischief.

    The Phoenix and the Carpet

  • The light rested in soft yellow bars upon the wall, and lit up the pretty frilled toilet-cover which Miss Saxon's hands had made.

    A Vanished Hand

  • The good fairy who had made the frilled toilet-cover was always at work, and her goodwill was manifested in pretty little flounces and furbelows, which gave a sort of old-fashioned grace to the rooms.

    A Vanished Hand

  • 'Maude Sefton has been working Goosey Goosey Gander on a toilet-cover.'

    The Two Sides of the Shield

  • The housemaid should now dust the furniture, blinds, ornaments, &c.; polish the looking-glass; arrange the toilet-cover and muslin; remove the cover from the bed, and straighten and arrange the curtains and counterpane.

    The Book of Household Management

  • Snowy sheets and curtains and toilet-cover showed the good housewife.

    It Is Never Too Late to Mend


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