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  • n. Plural form of tokamak.


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  • Most research thus far has focused on "tokamaks" - toroidal chambers intended to crush and heat a ring of plasma to fusion conditions using magnetic fields - and laser ignition, where a pellet of fuel is almost instantaneously brought to fusion by high powered laser blasts coming from all around it.

    The Register

  • Experimental reactors called tokamaks are doughnut-shaped devices that contain ionised gas, or plasma, at temperatures of more than 100 million degrees.

    New Scientist - Online News

  • Kesner cautions that the kind of fuel cycle planned for other types of fusion reactors such as tokamaks, which use a mixture of two forms of "heavy" hydrogen called deuterium and tritium, should be easier to achieve and will likely be the first to go into operation.

    U.S. News

  • Areas of cooperation include tokamaks, alternatives to tokamaks, magnetic fusion energy technology, plasma theory, and applied plasma physics.

    Nuclear fusion power

  • RFP devices differ from tokamaks mainly in the spatial distribution of the toroidal magnetic field, which changes sign at the edge of the plasma.

    Nuclear fusion power

  • Nevertheless, it is considered the most promising design, and research is continuing on various tokamaks around the world, the two largest being the Joint European Torus (JET) in the UK and the tokamak fusion test reactor (TFTR) at Princeton in the USA.

    Nuclear fusion power

  • In tokamaks and RFP devices, the current flowing through the plasma also serves to heat it to a temperature of about 10 million degrees Celsius.

    Nuclear fusion power

  • There are several types of toroidal confinement systems, the most important being tokamaks, stellarators and reversed field pinch (RFP) devices.

    Nuclear fusion power

  • Let me quote Plasma Physicist Dr. Nicholas Krall who said, “We spent $15 billion dollars studying tokamaks and what we learned about them is that they are no damn good.”

    "Miscalculation, poor study design or self-serving data analysis" « Climate Audit

  • Bad enough that the Pax was stopping the supply of He3 to fusion tokamaks on Earth; now they were also involved in drug trafficking.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact


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