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  • n. A variety of grape grown in eastern Hungary and in eastern Slovakia.
  • n. A variety of white wines made from this grape.


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From Hungarian tokaji ("of Tokay"), from Tokaj (placename) + -i ("originating from").


  • I am not sure I have ever used the word "tokay," not have I ever really seen it used except in that Philip Pullman book -- The Golden Compass, where it's what the evil Lord Asriel is drinking.

    readersguide Diary Entry

  • Also, I had a patron Tokay gecko (brightly colored, made a loud "tokay" sound, very sharp teeth and about a foot long) or two that lived in my bungalow and hunted them.

    Stories from The Sun

  • Then he stuck his hand in a brown sack at his side and twisted the cap off a bottle of tokay and took a long swig.

    The Great San Francisco Poetry Wars, 19

  • Try and learn the difference between port, muscat and tokay by having one glass of each.

    Christmas at the Wilkinson House

  • If you had been looking for words in a liqueur tokay, I might not.

    gillpolack: I have worked so hard today that words j

  • Answer these questions correctly to Win a year's supply of fine wine via Independent Online 1. The sweet wine tokay is from which country?

    Think You Know Wine?

  • Kylie came to dinner she did main course, I did rice and afters and we had Indian takeaway plus coffee from East Timor and Pfeiffer's liqueur tokay.

    Even in a little thing

  • There was a ring at the bell — and the gentlemen still in the dining-room, drinking tokay!

    Mrs. Dalloway

  • The glasses were changed and tokay was then served.

    The Road Leads On

  • But as the tokay remained practically untouched in the glasses,

    The Road Leads On


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