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  • n. The act or process of tokenizing.
  • n. Something tokenized.


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  • Meanwhile, Heartland's competitors are working to perfect a process called tokenization, which allows credit card numbers to move through networks using a key that has no mathematical relationship to the credit card number.

    One Man's Quest To Foil Hackers

  • But then there's the risk that the reader either feels you misled them intentionally, or that you're discarding the potential use of that sexuality out-of-hand - I've started calling this the "tokenization" problem.


  • Of course, there are as "tokenization": CASINO FREE SLOTS 1 token buys more.

    Horses Mouth April 4, 2007 5:46 PM

  • Let’s take a look at some basic word tokenization functionality provided out of the box with NLTK. import nltk tokens = nltk.word_tokenize"OMG, NLTK is like so cool." tokens

    m3gan / ((NLTK) (is (fun)))

  • Engineered using Service Oriented Architecture, Element's Express Processing Platform allows for easy integration and supports advanced technologies such as tokenization

    Marketwire - Breaking News Releases

  • Other traditional approaches -- such as tokenization or "data vaults" (where an alias of the original data points to real data or a secondary database from which the real data can be derived) -- simply move the problem to another place and create additional burdens, such as the need for yet more storage of sensitive data and huge complexity in business continuity management.

    CRM Buyer

  • Let us not forget that in lieu of her tokenization by Fr. Jenkins ( Sure, Obama's a virulent opponent of the Catholic teaching on life, but here's Mary Ann Glendon!) she had every right to be as brusque as she pleased.

    Are "'Catholic' Democrats" suggesting Glendon is a racist?

  • Akamai Technologies Monday announced a service that can take sensitive payment-card information input from e-commerce merchants and others and hide it using a scrambling method known as tokenization in order to reduce liability under the Payment Card Industry data security standards.

    Akamai unveils payment card tokenization service

  • Without tokenization, the payment-card information would be sent to an e-commerce merchant in a human-readable form that would require the merchant to protect it using the various methods proscribed under the PCI Data Security Standards rules, such as encryption.

    Akamai unveils payment card tokenization service

  • Martin McKeay, a QSA and author of the Network Security Blog, recommends looking at new strategies for using end-to-end encryption and "tokenization."

    Taking Credit Card Security Seriously


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