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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of tolerate.


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  • And the easy fit between Russian-style political Islam and ordinary Slavic pride may be one reason why the Kremlin tolerates it.

    Russia's Muslims: A Benign Growth

  • But no justice system worthy of the name tolerates a system where, every so often, entirely innocent members are placed at risk of execution in order to satisfy the bloodlust of the rest.


  • The state dog of South Carolina, the Boykin tolerates warm conditions well, and it’s the quintessential “pick-up dog” for plantation-style quail and dove shoots.

    Five Good Small-Breed Bird Hunting Dogs

  • One that celebrates differences and self-expression tolerates not only diversity but also the opportunity for individual greatness. Top Stories

  • Honestly, I wouldn't know since right now I've got a girl who "tolerates" my frequent absence and I don't see little ones in the near future.

    Putting It To Bed

  • Where I come from, however, this is Gay 101: When somebody "tolerates" you, run away, and run away fast.

    Johnathan Wilber: Please Don't Tolerate Me, Reverend Senator D��az

  • If I didn't know that, I definitely would respond pointedly to the idea that the firm somehow "tolerates" people who are not Christian.

    i hate christmas, part two

  • Can one call it a living when it consists of picketing at military funerals in the USA, claiming that these deaths are happening because the Phelps god is displeased that the USA "tolerates" homosexuality?

    Phelps, Corpses, and Dollar $Democracy

  • In theory the English State still professes the form of Protestant Christianity defined in the Prayer-book, and "tolerates" dissenters from it as the

    A History of the United States

  • Last Thursday Venezuela broke relations with Colombia following on Bogotá's accusations at the Organization of American States that President Hugo Chavez 'tolerates', if not gives ample support in Venezuelan territory to members of the Colombian guerrilla organizations, Farc and



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