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  • n. One who tolerates.


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  • It has also been suggested that toleration is, like forgiveness, an act of supererogatory forbearance: although the tolerator has a good reason for intervening in the wrong behavior of another, she chooses to refrain from such interference, letting the other lead her life as she wants (Newey 1997, Benbaji & Heyd 2001).

    How to Kill a Missionary

  • Furthermore, Green notes that it many cases the tolerated person would also prefer that the tolerator not judge her adversely.

    The University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog

  • You just turn into a vaguely self-indulgent tolerator of unjustified claims.

    The Valve

  • But, crucially, even the most indulgent tolerator of the


  • Hence, with the intrepid consistency that belongs to him, he is not only an Arian, but a tolerator of polygamy, finding that practice nowhere condemned in Scripture, but even recommended by respectable examples; an Anthropomorphist, who takes the ascription of human passion to the Deity in the sense certainly intended by those who made it; a believer in the materiality and natural mortality of the soul, and in the suspension of consciousness between death and the resurrection.

    Life of John Milton

  • a liberal in politics, but alarmed by the progress of reform, he had hung back resisted, and ended by being dragged along an unwilling tolerator of a

    Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen — Volume 1

  • But the tolerator of slavery will say, "No doubt the system is an evil; but we are not to blame for it; we received it from our English ancestors.

    An Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans Called Africans


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