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  • n. Plural form of tollgate.


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  • Where the new pay roads met the old free ones, people often circumvented the tollgates a practice called “shun-piking” that, in one humble opinion, would have been more cleverly termed “spurn-piking”.

    The King's Best Highway

  • In exchange, states granted them the right to place tollgates every few miles, and to collect various fees for each type of traveler wishing to use the road.

    The King's Best Highway

  • It could tear onto an eight lane freeway, swerving wildly lane to lane in a mad dash westward, cracking tollgates like toothpicks the whole way.

    And Now, Bad High School Poetry

  • * Much of the concerns many of us have had about tollgates on the Internet and an end to open interconnection will evaporate since the barrier to providing Internet access will be much lower and the power of the existing cable-telco duopoly diluted.

    Our airwaves, indeed « BuzzMachine

  • And we will openly agree to and we are more than willing to have government oversight with very specific benchmarks with very specific tollgates that the government would put in place relative to how the funds would be used, measurement of our success on a monthly, quarterly basis, and demonstrating our commitment that our plan really, really has accountability and viability, Wolf.

    CNN Transcript Dec 4, 2008

  • RFID is the technology used now to automate toll taking at bridges and tunnels; drivers are given a small plastic box with an RFID chip inside, allowing them to drive through the tollgates without stopping.

    Practical Futurist: An Internet Of Things

  • Sometimes, too, townships will put up tollgates, almost at random intervals along the highways, simply to boost local revenue, says Meyer.

    Navigating China's Labyrinth

  • Sunday, Soundside water near Quietwater Beach had risen to the edge of Pensacola Beach Boulevard near the tollgates.

    Eywitness Report

  • Omar urged motorists to set out at least an hour or two earlier than normal because of the expected high volumes of traffic at tollgates and roadblocks.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • There will be delays at these roadblocks and tollgates.

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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