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  • n. A psychoactive, hallucinogenic preparation made from a plant of the Datura genus.
  • n. The annual plant Datura inoxia.


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From Mexican Spanish toloache, from Nahuatl toloatzin, from toloa ‘bow the head’ + tzin ‘reverential’.


  • A principal feature was the drinking of a decoction of the root of the poisonous toloache, or jimson-weed (datura meteloides), to produce unconsciousness, in which the initiate was supposed to have communication with his future protecting spirit.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman

  • "No, it isn't toloache that was used," he corrected.

    Gold of the Gods

  • "I think it must be some particularly virulent variety of the jimson weed that was used, though that same weed in Mexico is, I am sure, what there they call toloache.

    Gold of the Gods

  • It is similar to the Mexican toloache and the Hindu datura, which you must have heard about. "

    Gold of the Gods


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