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  • adj. Displaying behavior associated with a tomboy.

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  • adj. used of girls; wild and boisterous


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  • I used to be this so called tomboyish little thing.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • Like she has a really weird sense of humor, and as much as she counts her sense of worth by feeling attractive, she glorifies by being kind of tomboyish at times.

    Exclusive Interview: QUARTERLIFE Star Maite Schwartz | the TV addict

  • Anders will play Perry's "tomboyish" love interest in the comedy, about a 40-year-old man having a mid-life crisis.

    Inside TV Blog

  • I guess what I'm asking is are women with Asperger's automatically more "tomboyish" or "asexual" as I've heard some people say? sister is classic hf aspie and she is like that a lot, she even used to avoid computer games because mostly boys played them at the time though she grew out of that.

    Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums

  • I've been reading posts from women who say they always felt kind of tomboyish .... but what about girls who weren't girly girls but wanted to be or tried to be with varying levels of sucess or just girls who like to dress nice but still have the problems with eye contact, conversations, immaturity etc?

    Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums

  • "So probably a combination of my sisters, because Samantha’s a little more kind of tomboyish, and Charlotte’s really girly, so I’m a little bit of both," she says.

    Ten Things We Learned About the 'Other' Ronson

  • "They had an image of the 'all-American girl' and that could be extended to be a kind of tomboyish type - although they were very sensitive about homophobia, too.

    J. Weekly

  • As founding Peas, me, Apl, and Will had been tight since way back, and in walked this stranger from Hacienda Heights who fit in like some long-lost relative, and she was sexy without being catty, confident without being arrogant, strong without being over-domineering, and tomboyish without losing her femininity.

    Fallin’ Up

  • He loved the way she carried her otherwise voluptuous body with an unconscious tomboyish grace.

    So Much Pretty

  • I don't have a problem liking/relating to dude characters (though that may be in part due to a pretty tomboyish past and my general existence in very male-dominated cultural spaces), but when it's all dudes, all the time in all the novels by respected dude authors, it does become tiresome.

    Never Mind About Those Cowboys


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