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  • n. Plural form of tomtom.


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  • Delmar (proclaimed with a flourish of trumpets and rolling of tomtoms to be the greatest woman poet in the United States) denied

    Chapter 41

  • THE END. ooh today was graduation practice. tomtoms it's going down. goodbye mhs. i shall miss you dearly. back forth navigate current archives extras profile contact thanks design diaryland

    cest-karen Diary Entry

  • SLEEP. today: i did absolutely nothing. i watched match point and v for vendetta and then peet's coffee and i briefly biked. fack my break is over. its only thursday!! must guard private party tomtoms. i hope it goes well! back forth navigate current archives extras profile contact thanks design diaryland

    cest-karen Diary Entry

  • Once on the gallery, we went past a display of articles from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show — saddles, wooden rifles that had been carried by the show's cowboys and Indians alike, cavalry bugles, feathered war bonnets, beaded vests, moccasins, ancient old boots, several worn old tomtoms, and about a million old photographs.

    Dead Beat

  • Drummers wearing bandanas, with triple bass drums, 50 tomtoms, timpani and a gong obviously hate 'em.

    "Available in Silver Sparkle and Pink Sparkle"

  • Beatings of the tomtoms and sounds of other formidable instruments of the Chinese orchestra, gun reports by the thousand, mortars fired in hundreds, all were brought into play to scare away the aeronef.

    Robur the Conqueror

  • He signalled the proper utensil to use by whispering, “The fork with the three tines,” in my ear as he set the courses in front of me and by signalling discreetly from the sideboard as I held their attention with lines like, “That night sitting round the campfire, we could hear their tomtoms in the darkness, beating, beating, beating.”

    To Say Nothing of the Dog

  • For as soon as the federal officers were positioned, as soon as the TV cameras were set up, the Indians, in tragicomic fashion, set about reinforcing all the stereotypes whites hold near and dear: they daubed on warpaint, beat tomtoms, sweated in a "sacred purification lodge," smoked the peace pipes and shouted Hoka Hey, the Sioux warcry.

    The Pine Ridge Murders

  • Did the Gloria with tomtoms, stained glass, gilded ikons.

    Gorky Park

  • Firvulag whooped and smote their tomtoms until the drumheads split.

    The Golden Torc


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