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  • n. An original or imaginative composer of music, especially of the modern school: occasionally applied also to an instrumental performer.


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  • Madame Sand joined a sympathetic appreciation of the refinement of his nature, and an enthusiastic admiration of his genius -- feelings she shared with his numberless female worshippers -- to a strength of character that lent the support no other could perhaps so fully have given, or that he would accept from no other, to the fragile, nervous, suffering tone-poet.

    Famous Women: George Sand

  • Just at the awakening of public appreciation of his work and recognition of his right to rank as America's greatest composer of music, MacDowell died to the world of men through a mental collapse brought on by over-work, and for two years, forgetting that there was such a thing as music, the great tone-poet dwelt in a soundless world.

    Edward MacDowell

  • It was only by accident that "Freihold" was not written by the Munich tone-poet.

    Musical Portraits Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers

  • I remember that he was extremely fond of Grieg, and the marked and original character of the Norwegian tone-poet made a deep impression upon him.

    Great Pianists on Piano Playing Study Talks with Foremost Virtuosos. A Series of Personal Educational Conferences with Renowned Masters of the Keyboard, Presenting the Most Modern Ideas upon the Subjects of Technic, Interpretation, Style and Expression

  • He occupies a middle ground between the undaunted literalism of the Munich tone-poet and the sentimental posturings into which the romanticism of Schumann so frequently declined.

    Edward MacDowell

  • But if MacDowell displayed at times the usual inconsistency of the modern tone-poet in his attitude toward the whole subject of programme-music, [8] the tendency was neither a persistent nor determined one; and he was, as I have noted, even less disposed toward the frankly literal methods of which Strauss and his followers are such invincible exponents.

    Edward MacDowell

  • In the last quartets which now come up for consideration, the labors of the tone-poet are brought to a close.

    Beethoven A Character Study

  • My friend the artist once collaborated with me in an experiment of this sort, but we did not pursue it, discovering how feeble an advance ours would be after all; for there were points at which both of us felt we ought to give way to the tone-poet.

    Without Prejudice

  • The great Polish tone-poet (1809-49) was most intimate with Liszt in Paris.


  • If Chopin could mirror the cosmos in twenty bars, why should not a greater tone-poet imprison behind the bars of his music the subtle soul of Dante?

    Old Fogy His Musical Opinions and Grotesques


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