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  • n. Plural form of tonearm.


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  • We still encounter preamps that won't drive power amps (or have so much gain they are noisy), speaker cables that won't fit speakers without adapters or extensive fudging, and turntable bases I that aren't deep enough to accommodate half of the tonearms on the market.

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  • I remember being awed the first time I saw the Squad's stapled catalog, way back in 1982 or '83: there was page after page of detailed descriptions of how Steve could make Ittok tonearms, or Quad 405 amplifiers, or Spatial Coherence preamplifiers, or

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  • I had no need for the brass pillar (to use with other tonearms) as I intended to use the Kuzma arm and it slides right into the base.

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  • The Stogi tonearm did the job well and I don't have any complaints with its performance although I don't have a lot of experience comparing tonearms.

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  • He died in 2006, but his son, Cameron, has carried on, and today SME is heavily invested in the medical and automotive fields-and still builds turntables and tonearms.

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  • Patented interchangeable aluminum tonearm system includes both straight and S-shaped tonearms - Today's Deals

  • Also there isn't enough room under the plinth to mount many tonearms-Rega owners have had to lifts their turntables up on stilts.

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  • Graveyard Blues came out nicely, though I had to cut a little more off the highs than I'd have liked, owing to elevated surface noise at the end. 78 collectors are used to last-part-of-the-record surface noise, something we can thank to tracking error caused by the arc-style movement of most tonearms, old and new, as they travel across the record.

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