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  • n. Any wood suitable for use in the construction of a musical instrument.


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tone +‎ wood


  • Almost as if the moniker of "tonewood" makes it worth its weight in gold.

    Mandolin Cafe News

  • Just as significant, though, are the details that you don't see: the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Custom is built with the long neck tenon that gave added resonance and sustain to the original, its period-correct nylon nut is cut on the PLEK for ultimate accuracy, and beneath the guitar's gloss Ebony finish lies a body carved from one piece of solid mahogany, a tonewood known for its blend of warmth, richness and clarity.

    I Like Music - music news

  • Tarisio is promoting its upcoming sale of instruments, bows, memorabilia and tonewood from the now-closed William Moennig & Son shop on June 23-25.

  • The bodies are chambered to retain tonal characteristics provided by the select tonewood top without suffering as much collateral tonal loss from the svelteness of the body.

    Gearwire -

  • The coalition, which is also made up of a half-dozen tonewood suppliers, hopes its efforts will protect threatened forest habitats and safeguard the future of trees critical in manufacturing instruments of all kinds.

    Augusta Free Press

  • Bolting little speaker driver on to the back of tonewood-the same stuff used in high-end violins-will provide a rich, warm sound.


  • Let's hoist a glass to David Russell Young for opening the box on redwood as a tonewood, in the early 1970's actually. ph

    Mandolin Cafe News

  • You might miss out on whatever it is that redwood has to offer as a tonewood, if you go for the safe choice.

    Mandolin Cafe News

  • To clarify, I, like foldedpath, am an "end user" - I'm mainly inquiring because I'm about to get lend of a curly redwood topped Old Wave oval A and was curious about the qualities of curly redwood as I'm so unfamiliar with it's use as a tonewood.

    Mandolin Cafe News

  • Location: scenic Oakland, CA or forgotten East Galway, take your pick. redwood topped mandolins - info on it's qualities as a tonewood?

    Mandolin Cafe News


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