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  • v. To scold, to chew out.


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  • I'm quite willing to tongue-lash the Missouri contingents in WDC to get cracking.

    Harkin Fears "Trickle-Down" Stimulus

  • Who thinks she can tongue-lash me after I saved her from a man like Hugo Cistranos?

    Rain Gods

  • In the synonymy of censure, then, punish implies “to penalize for disobedience to authority”; the verb discipline suggests “to subjugate or bring under control”; chasten means “to strengthen by setting straight”; chastise, “to inflict some coercion in correction”; correct, “to straighten for the purpose of reform”; and castigate, “to tongue-lash or rebuke severely.”

    No Uncertain Terms

  • Figuratively, to flay means to tongue-lash a person.

    Essential Guide to Business Style and Usage

  • Glaring about her, Nynaeve looked ready to tongue-lash everybody into doing what they had already done, but only until Lan handed her the reins of her plump brown mare.

    The Path of Daggers

  • In college, the politics of black fashion, and the questions of self-esteem that fashion signified, had been a frequent, if delicate, topic of conversation for black students, especially among the women, who would smile bitterly at the sight of the militant brother who always seemed to be dating light-skinned girls-and tongue-lash any black man who was foolish enough to make a remark about black women's hairstyles.

    Dreams From My Father

  • The "Two" people might tongue-lash him, but he knew he could depend on his First Directorate supervisors to protect him.

    The Cardinal of the Kremlin

  • For a moment I thought she was going to tongue-lash him.

    Blood Test

  • She knew how to tongue-lash celebrity hunters and other strangers “with a firmness and a finality that left them gasping,” recalled Arthur Pack.

    Portrait of An Artist

  • He retained a nice edge of aggression and sharp criticism against both paternalism and racism, and was ever alert to come down heavily on these two vices, but I have watched him tongue-lash a PAC man at a social for daring to deny the right of whites to become integrated in the freedom struggle.

    Alex La Guma


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