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  • adj. Resembling a tongue or some aspect of one.

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  • adj. resembling a tongue in form or function


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

tongue +‎ -like


  • She could see the beige tonguelike ribbon sticking out of the bottom, and the gentle crease etched along its spine.


  • Though they are not quite as extensive as they once were, you can still find spruce-fir and pine forests in New England, in the Lake States, and in a tonguelike extension along the Appalachian range.

    The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United States

  • Her 1926 version was an elegant rendering of tonguelike, velvety, purplish-gray petals uncurling into “an abyss of blackness into which the timid scarcely dare peer,” teased Henry McBride.

    Portrait of An Artist

  • From the palm of the thing's handlike body emerges a pearl-escent TUBULE. like a tapered piece of intestine, which slithers tonguelike over the inside of the glass.

    Fail-Safe, &c.

  • If you'd like to avoid the bitter green tonguelike centers, inspect each lotus seed to ensure it is tongue free.

    Viet World Kitchen

  • Discussions of evolution often glorify the beautifully apt forms: orchids with nectar recesses just the right length for the tonguelike structure of a certain moth, or harmless butterflies with the same wing colors as a poisonous neighbor.

    Science News / Features, Blog Entries, Column Entries, Issues, News Items and Book Reviews

  • The only means of access to the pyramid’s peak was a long tonguelike stone chute that leaped out across the abyss like a half-completed bridge.



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