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  • n. An assembly of tools.
  • n. A set of basic components for developing software.


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tool +‎ kit


  • Future ideas An Open Source toolkit a research / survey project of open source community projects to develop a a \ "community building toolkit\" which would take tips for how to greet / involve new people in your project, and how * not* to alienate minorities (ie women) ....

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  • It was thrilling and somewhat humbling to read cell biologist Stuart Newman's hypothesis of the evolutionary triumph of life as it self-organized half a billion years ago, using what he calls toolkit genes from single-celled highly plastic organisms to make a balletic leap into multicellularity at the time of the Cambrian explosion when virtually all of today's modern animal forms (35 phyla) first appeared, as evidenced in the fossil rock.


  • Specifically in the way "toolkit" is used so easily and appropriately.

    Behe Responds

  • The toolkit is intended to be a practical guide to assist civil society in applying the Bank's new access to information policy as a means of obtaining documents from the institution.

    Chad Dobson: Access to Information at the World Bank: The First 99 Days

  • Another user migration toolkit is available from Tranxition, which can also be used for migrations involving either physical or virtual desktops.

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  • "What we've done with this toolkit is taken the basic structure of that methodology and turned it into a process that makes it applicable to the developing world."

    Free Human Centered Design Toolkit for social impact

  • The "genetic toolkit" is what facilitates evolution, meaning that the toolkit itself must be explained in a way where evidence of evolution-made-possible-by-the-toolkit is questionably extrapolated to explain the toolkit.

    All These Different Creatures are Variations of the Same Theme

  • So stem cells have a built-in toolkit that responds to random changes, enabling then to respond to changes in their environment in a systematic and controlled way, ultimately leading to just a few endpoints.

    2008 August - Telic Thoughts

  • With random events I mean that once the modular toolkit is there, all the possible combinations can be made.

    Artificial Life, Constraint by Design

  • The Dojo Toolkit is a JavaScript-based collection of libraries (hence the name toolkit) that enable you to build AJAX capabilities into your web pages.

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