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  • n. The art or craft of a toolmaker


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  • They were not known to be advanced in toolmaking, but some argue that was because their surroundings didn't require it.

    Anthropologists adopt a more favorable view of Neanderthals

  • Bird Cloud and environs attracted Archaic period Indians because of the south-facing sites sheltered from the constant winds, the river and the creek that guaranteed game, the large numbers of nutritious wild plants, the good sight lines and defenses offered by the cliff, and the chert vein for toolmaking.

    Bird Cloud

  • They specialized in various kinds of hunting, farming, and toolmaking.

    World Wide Mind

  • There are plenty of out of work toolmakers and machinists and toolmaking businesses in this economy that would be happy to be making shuttle parts.

    Hints of A Shuttle Extension Appear - NASA Watch

  • Buffett said that Berkshire subsidiaries such as its Marmon manufacturing conglomerate and Iscar toolmaking company have improved sales, and that there has been some increase in luxury goods sales at Berkshire's jewelers, Helzberg and Borsheim's.

    Buffett tells shareholders U.S. is recovering

  • Despite the challenging climate, human culture flourished in this time and place, giving rise to sophisticated toolmaking and art, including the famously voluptuous “Venus” statuettes that are attributed to the Gravettian culture of the period.

    Shaking the Family Tree

  • Since the 1850s, with improvements in metallurgy, toolmaking, and precision labor, there had been a flurry of fresh design efforts, and war in the 1860s had proven to be a stimulant to arms makers and their salesmen.

    The Gun

  • Surely we've done better than that somewhere in our toolmaking, muscle-extending past.

    scusteister: Succinct Singularity

  • It gives you the feeling that perhaps toolmaking was not such a great thing.

    scusteister: Succinct Singularity

  • The processing that directs more specialized behaviors—language, toolmaking, spatial interrelations, facial recognition, and the like—evolved from those two basic controls.

    SciAm Mind - Evolutionary Origins of Your Right and Left Brain


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