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  • n. An element of a graphical user interface in the form of a box of text that appears when a cursor is made to hover over an item; normally used to explain the function of the item.


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tool +‎ tip, originally used with toolbars to provide a tip or hint as to what function each graphical icon represented. The term was introduced by Microsoft circa Windows 95.


  • A tooltip is a box that appears when you hover your cursor over an element like a hyperlink.

  • Fixed: Rename tooltip on llPushObject icon in the menu bar to read "No Pushing"

    World of SL

  • ControlFocus, SysListView321, \% MainWnd\%; removes long name tooltip

    AutoHotkey Community

  • Allowing links to have a different style when they've already been visited or when the cursor is hovering over them gives opportunity to improve the user interface and the user experience. title - the 'tooltip' of the link title = "Find out more about the next SEOmoz seminar"

    Search Engine Optimization and Marketing News provided by

  • The "tooltip" pattern is another unobtrusive way to embed help.

    Boagworld recommends

  • An expanded 'tooltip' appears, listing its reasons for suggesting the trim.

    Crave at CNET UK

  • This modification would make the tooltip to be active on every page element that has a class of "tooltip".

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • For instance in my tooltip example I simply assign a class name "tooltip" to an element and activate the functionality.

    CSS Globe | Web Standards Magazine

  • I used this method for a moveable "tooltip", like the download bar in uTorrent:

    AutoHotkey Community

  • /108843 style = 'cursor: pointer;' class = 'tooltip' > Blog suivant



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