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  • n. The act of extracting a tooth; the practice of extracting teeth.


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  • Once finished with the tooth-drawing, I had suggested that she and her friends stay for a bit, but they, like Sequoyah, had business elsewhere, and with many thanks and small gifts, had departed by mid-afternoon, smelling strongly of whisky, and leaving us to dispose of the mortal remains of the late Ephraim.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • THOSE in Millsborough, having charge of the tooth-drawing -- el negocio dental, that was a cloak to cover great traffic in cocaine, opium and hashish.

    Ambrotox and Limping Dick

  • A surgeon of some eminence now appeared, who did not decline tooth-drawing, though he certainly would have been offended with the appellation of tooth-drawer no less than his brethren, the members of that venerable body, would be with that of barber, since the late separation between those long-united companies, by which, if the surgeons have gained much, the barbers are supposed to have lost very little.

    The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume Six: Miscellanies

  • But I must candidly say I would far rather undergo a dozen operations, from tooth-drawing upwards, than suffer all the anxiety I have had lest his should not turn out well.

    Selections from the Letters of Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury to Jane Welsh Carlyle

  • By an automatic chain of thought Grace's mind reverted to the tooth-drawing scene described by her husband; and for the first time she wondered if that narrative were really true, Susan's jaws being so obviously sound and strong.

    The Woodlanders

  • A blood-letting, or a jaw-splitting tooth-drawing cost the sufferer eightpence extra.

    Customs and Fashions in Old New England

  • Next the table-cover was drawn off, the hearthrug restored to its place; and, grinning now hugely, Bob went to a drawer, and got out the doctor's tooth-drawing instruments -- for the doctor belonged to the old school, and in distant times had not been above removing a decayed and aching molar from a patient's jaw.

    The Bag of Diamonds

  • That was the time of those grotesque studies in shipbuilding, tooth-drawing, and useful arts in which he acquired a sort of technical mastery; and it was then that he learned to think so highly of the Dutch as a practical people, worthy of imitation.

    Lectures on Modern history

  • An unskilled traveller is very likely to make a bad job of a first attempt at tooth-drawing.

    The Art of Travel Shifts and Contrivances Available in Wild Countries

  • He was very partial to the use of the lancet, and quite a terrible adept at tooth-drawing.

    The Lighthouse


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