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  • v. Present participle of toothbrush.
  • n. An act of brushing the teeth.


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  • It's a different feeling than regular toothbrushing, which is so vigorous.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • It's the toothbrushing bit that does me in, I think.

    Top Six Declarations of Familial Love

  • Instead, he came upstairs while I bathed the boys—the fast bath, which meant they all stood in the tub while I soaped them, sprayed off the soap, dried them, and gave them each a star stamp on their separate Clean Guy charts, then did the hurry-up toothbrushing with all three around the sink at the same time, which got them another star stamp because they kept to the no-spitting-toothpaste-or-water-at-your-brothers rule.

    As Husbands Go

  • Or was that two tantrums and one bedtime story or toothbrushing equals one hour of shoe shopping or two hours of fishing?

    A Hustler’s Guide To Father’s Day

  • City journalists who knew nothing of rural life (except that it was retrograde) fanned out over the countryside, filing stories suggesting that the young 'uns in Dog Patch were larnin' that the world was flat and toothbrushing was one of Satan's snares.

    In One Room, Many Advantages

  • (Inside. com) Reality Bites Since when is toothbrushing provocative?


  • Old Spice markets its new body wash as ideal for both hair and body, but Dr. Bronner's claims suitability for toothbrushing, dishwashing, laundry, and just about anything else that needs to be cleaned -- anything, that is, except hair, for which Dr. Bronner disqualifies his soap as too dehydrating.

    Simon Maxwell Apter: What's That Smell?

  • In the marshmallow research by Mischel, many of the children were from middle-class white academic families with future-oriented parents who were more likely to encourage their naturally present-hedonistic children to engage in planning, saving, toothbrushing, and other actions that would yield delayed rewards and avoid future regrets.11

    The Time Paradox

  • Afterward, stoke a debate among students over whether dental floss should be applied before or after toothbrushing.

    May the Floss be with You « Peace Corps: China

  • PS don't dye your hair because of this! i have kids that are pretty much the same age as yours (3yo and 7mo)an i don't know about you, but i can barely keep up with my existing "beauty" regime (toothbrushing counts, right?)

    Beauty, Like A Dial-Hand


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