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  • adj. superlative form of toothy: most toothy.


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  • He looks at me with his huge doe eyes, and says the same thing with the same accent and the same lisp, and follows it up with the toothiest grin he can muster.

    Little People Talk « Bored Mommy

  • For any woman facing "The Panic Years," staying in a protracted romance -- even if it is to the world's toothiest talk show sensation -- is a risky move if she wants nuptial validation.

    Doree Lewak: Letterman's Cold Feet Finally Thaw

  • Mr. Sherman smiled his toothiest smile at Lisa, while his big black unibrow bounced up and down.

    Freaked Out

  • Third, a wish that video will surface and get wide play showing what Richard Wolfe of Newsweek described so chillingly on Olbermann’s Countdown last night: Right after Shrub’s pseudo-sincere expression of regret, complete with a “choreographed” look heavenward, he looked down at the front row of assembled journalists and flashed them his toothiest, cocky-jock, “Heh-heh, Good actin, huh?

    Firedoglake » Why All the Fuss?

  • "We're glad you're here," said Bleakley, hiding behind her toothiest rictus grin. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • It's not quite that simple, of course, but much of C&C is about building the biggest, toothiest army as fast as possible and tossing them at your enemies with joyous abandon.

    Computer And Video Games

  • There was a time when I was working in our orchard selling apples and I had a man threaten me with his movements and Rex placed himself between the man and me and gave him the biggest toothiest growl ever!

    Dackel Princess

  • I flashed her the biggest, toothiest grin of my life. -

  • Hampton & Hampton Guide Services will take you on the manliest trip of your life: hunting down one of nature’s toothiest killing machines (other than Julia Roberts).

    Archive 2007-07-08


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