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  • n. The state or condition of being toothless; lack of teeth.


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  • General: According to this report: The central Appalachian states lead the nation in toothlessness.

    July 2005

  • Dr. Don Friedlander, the president of the Canadian Dental Association, says he believes falling rates of "toothlessness" can be attributed to better access to dental care -- as well as better education about prevention.

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  • Not surprisingly, the rates of "toothlessness" vary with Canadians 'ages: in those aged 40 to 59, the rate is somewhere around 4.4 per cent, Statistics Canada reports.

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  • The plan's toothlessness at reforming the health care system can be effectively counted on the list of its current and former co-sponsors: Norm Coleman, Gordon Smith, and Trent Lott among the latter; Lamar Alexander, Robert Bennett, Thomas Carper, Bob Corker, Joe Lieberman, and Arlen Specter among the latter.

    Ridin' Wyden (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Applicable when possession is normative. e.g., blindness and sight, toothlessness and toothedness, hairiness and baldness.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • "Big fella shark-fish, that fella leg stop 'm along him," the ancient grinned, exposing a horrible aperture of toothlessness for


  • My dad had the heart attack after the dead tooth had been pulled but before the implant procedure happened, hence his toothlessness.

    Dirty Secret

  • The first step: closer surveillance of each other's fiscal policies, something desperately needed now that profligate member states such as Greece have exposed the toothlessness of the Maastricht Treaty's rules on deficits and debt.

    The Euro Will Survive

  • The toothlessness of the Obama approach is best captured in the quote Phillis Caldwell, chief of the Treasury Department's Home Ownership Preservation Office and who oversees the Obama mortgage modification plan, gave to the New York Times after being asked about a lender who refused to modify customers 'mortgages.

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Mortgage Ignominy at JP Morgan Chase

  • Texas dentistry school textbooks should emphasize that intermittent toothlessness is not a disability but a cultural choice among some rural conservatives.

    Gene Weingarten's memo to the Texas Board of Education


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